Most Anticipated Games of 2014- Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS

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Despite Nintendo being viewed as "in trouble" with lowering sales expectations for 2014, but could end up being Nintendo's year with big software releases; including the next installment in the Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS. A joint effort between Project Sora (Masahiro Sakurai) and Namco Bandi, with the commercial success of Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii, this version has a lot to live up to and a lot on the line for Nintendo.

[caption id="attachment_5820" align="alignnone" width="688"]smash mega Mega Man joins the fight along with the Villager from Animal Crossing.[/caption]

Nintendo struck gold with the creation of Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64, who doesn't want to see their favorite Nintendo start duking it out?  With Melee, Nintendo took an excellent idea and made it "perfection".  With tons of characters (Mewtwo FTW!), great graphics and level designs and a Museum of Nintendo History with Trophies being introduced. Brawl brought us updated graphics, new characters (toon Link!) and online play, even though it suffered from lag most of the time.  With the newest installment, Nintendo plans to clean up online play and bring new faces from 1st party and 3rd parties while adding new levels, new items, and new trophies for you to collect. Recently announced the 3DS version and Wii U version will have different sets of trophies to collect, so if you gotta catch em all you better pick up both copies at launch!

[caption id="attachment_5822" align="alignnone" width="400"]Rosalina on 3DS shows an outlined "cel shading" style of graphics Rosalina on 3DS shows an outlined "cel shading" style of graphics[/caption]

Nintendo has been trickling out information slowly but surely practically every day with new screenshots, sometimes showing off new characters or sometimes confirming a new stage or return of a certain trophy to the game.  While we are far from a final roster, Sakurai has told us that the rosters will be the same for the 3DS and Wii U version, while some of the levels will be console specific with the 3DS featuring more levels from handheld titles and Wii U will feature more from home consoles.  What does bring a level of concern is that with the 3DS's limited power that I hope the Wii U version will not suffer from trying to "keep them the same".

[caption id="attachment_5868" align="alignnone" width="400"]A screenshot released by Sakurai hints at single player mode but said will not be like Subspace Emissary in Brawl A screenshot released by Sakurai hints at single player mode but said will not be like Subspace Emissary in Brawl[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5823" align="alignnone" width="688"]The Wii Fit trainer joins the fight (what other random characters will we see?) The Wii Fit trainer joins the fight (what other random characters will we see?)[/caption]

At this time the Wii U will also bring a big change to that has been the "same" since the release of Melee, the use of a Gamecube controller.  Since the Wii U does not have Gamecube ports your old controllers will be useless.  Now I believe Nintendo will have an ace up it's sleeve and release some sort of Gamecube controller "shell" for Wiimotes.  That Gamecube controller has pretty much become a staple of the series, even though Brawl offered so many different choices for controllers, playing with a Gamecube controller just felt natural.  So Nintendo GET IT TOGETHER AND RELEASE A GAMECUBE CONTROLLER FOR THE WII U FOR SMASH!!

mega man smash

I really hope Sakurai brings out all the guns for this Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS.  Nintendo has a lot riding on the success of Smash Bros to not sell many copies but also move systems.  Releasing Gamecube shells/controllers and having a bundle, heck even a special edition featuring some sort of statue/collectible will create excitement for the series and we all know that Nintendo needs as much positive press right now.  Smash will be a hit, but how big will be determined by how much Nintendo awesomeness they can pack into one package while making it a blast to play.

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