Most Anticipated Game of Fall 2015 – Yoshi's Woolly World

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Yoshi's woolly world

I'm a fraud. I know this week is all about all those lovely autumn releases that we're most looking forward to and my pick is the delightfully gorgeous Yoshi's Woolly World. But the truth is I've already played a bit of it because it came out in Japan last month. But it's still something that I'm keen to delve into further.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse came out for the Wii U earlier this year and offered a good range of fun and exciting levels to explore. Its charm was certainly helped by its absolutely gorgeous art style, which really added to the cutesy warm feeling that the game gave off. Yoshi's Woolly World plays out much in the same vein. Claymation is replaced with adorable yarn figures that somehow make the fact that Yoshi swallows enemies and poops them out again a little more normal.

Yoshi's woolly world (2)

It's much the same from Nintendo really. You play as Yoshi and you complete 6 levels in 8 different worlds while collecting things, a formula which must be all too familiar to perhaps every single gamer on the planet by now. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a formula that has endured for a reason. It's just good; and with Splatoon being a once in a blue moon occurrence, we all know how Nintendo likes to play things safe with its IP. They learned in 2011 that sometimes when you mess with a tested formula it doesn't always turn out great—sometimes it turns into Other M.

Yoshi's Woolly World, much like Kirby and other Yoshi games, is very simple for those who are just happy playing through the main game but is really made for the completionists who will comb levels meticulously looking for all of the hidden collectibles. Usually I would moan here about artificially lengthening a game, but I'll let Yoshi off with this one as the main story is usually enjoyable enough that you get your money's worth simply from the main play through and everything else is just a bonus.

Yoshi's woolly world 2

You might have guessed already that even though Yoshi's Woolly World is my gaming pick for this autumn, it's not actually a game that I'm all that hyped for. The truth is 2015 looks like it is only slightly better than 2014 in terms of the year's releases with a few brief gems such as Splatoon and HuniePop shining through the general drudge. But the reason I picked Yoshi for this accolade is because despite being much of the same from Nintendo, you still know what  you are getting—a warm, comforting and above all fun gaming experience and for that alone it's worth a mention.

What do you think the best game of Q3 2015 will be?

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