IMO: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Worst EULA Ever

Published: December 15, 2014 1:00 PM /



This article is a consumer warning meant to demonstrate how absolutely horrible Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is. The short of it, is that this game is awful. The only things the entire game has going for it are nice graphics, and an interesting stealth system. Story wise, it is cliche at its best, and highly predictable at its worst. It suffers from the 'modern military shooter' tropes that you will also see in other games like Call of Duty.

This game suffers from the fact that its developers have put next to no effort into making it a truly interesting game, and as a fan of shooters, I consider it an insult to every single FPS or TPS fan anywhere.

The level design is a giant hallway, and nothing more. You are not given the creative freedom any actual sniper would use in stalking their target. Instead, you are told to follow a script, to the point where if you deviate from it even a little bit, the game does not update or allow you to proceed. In doing this, you can actually break the game and force yourself to reset an entire mission.

Worse still, the EULA for this game is outright hostile to the consumer. Ironically, if you buy it or play it on Steam, you are in violation of it. That isn't the worst part, however. They go to great lengths to not display it anywhere in public until you have bought the game. They do not give you a chance or method to obtain the EULA after you accept it, either.

Sniper Elite EULA, part 6


What this means is that if you take a screenshot of the game and display it anywhere, you are in violation of the EULA. This goes the same for doing lets plays of the game, and streaming the game on or elsewhere. This also means I am inable to post screenshots detailing other points in this article. In my opinion, this is short sighted and is hostile to the fact that customers that might buy this game might want to stream while playing a multi-player match. It seems as if the developers did not want any publicity with this game that a community might generate. Then again, they did such a horrible job with it, they might be shameful of what they have created. As I detailed above, buying it or playing it on steam makes you in violation of it. Technically, their entire EULA is illegal and contradicts itself and their distribution methods.

sniper ghost warrior 2


This EULA is horrific enough that I am being careful in what I say under potential threat of retaliation from CI Games, the developer and publisher of this particular game. Heed my warning and DO NOT BUY this game. I should note that I claim fair use under the DMCA in the United States because this article is commentary and heavy criticism.


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