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GaymerX LGBT Gaming Convention Under Fire Over #GamerGate Remarks

Gaming article by James Galizio on October 9, 2014 at 8:55 AM

Yesterday the organization reported that they (GaymerX) were receiving hate mail from both sides of the issue, after one of the twitter account's handlers tweeted in what many construed as support towards #GamerGate. Later, after a blog post on the official GaymerX website, the remarks still continued. Now, whether or not the organization themselves wanted it, they seem to have been dragged into the spotlight in regards to #GamerGate. And to be clear - criticism has been rampant from what seems like both sides of the aisle.

Granted, most of the comments regarding the initial tweets have been more of a back-and-forth instead of actual harassment - but the organization has and continues to be pressured on twitter regarding their stance, leading for a quick reversal of their comments, and to the apparent shelfing of their former twitter handler. Even now the group is being criticized for allowing one of their volunteers to even sympathize with some aspects #GamerGate, and is being criticized for taking a now officially anti-#GamerGate stance by other, separate sets of individuals.


Opinion Time: Wow. Out of all that has happened in regards to #GamerGate, the sheer vitrol that has become common in the debate has been - by far - the worst aspect of it. Whether it may be the repeated allusions to ISIS when certain individuals talked about their perspectives in regards to the movements supporters, or the pure hatred that has been spewn at individuals or corporations that attempt to distance themselves from both sides of the controversy, it has become abundantly clear that the current landscape is anything but civil. However - this recent event really puts the current situation into perspective.

I'm not going to comment on exactly which side is wrong here for precisely that reason - as even if the majority of the tweets that I've seen biting back at the expo have been against #GamerGate, some of the actions from the pro-#GamerGate side have been... troubling as well. Although I can see where individuals are coming from when claiming that GaymerX was bullied into denouncing the entire #GamerGate movement, the repeated use of that argument against some of #GamerGate's detractors seems like an abuse in and of itself. Personally, and separated from the rest of the site as a whole, I feel that some of the arguments being made by #GamerGate supporters in this scenario come across as co-opting - as if they're trying to abuse the recent events with GaymerX to gain support, even if the motions being made are unconscious or are just being utilized unintentionally.


This entire situation just seems to be another example of how neutrality is nearly impossible in the current landscape. Regardless of what you do, both sides are going to be looking for an excuse to latch onto you as a scapegoat for their own motives. I'm sure that individuals are just passionate and want to help - but maybe both sides might want to step back and reflect on the past weeks? I believe Oliver Campbell says it best...

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