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With E3 coming in the next day or two, we here at TechRaptor thought we would show you what we expect to see from the major publishers. Let's take a look at EA. At E3 2014 EA has a few things in the works that we know about already, and many things that we likely don't know about. Unlike the major hardware companies - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo - EA has been more tight-lipped about what is going on with them. This is where we are likely to see a few more surprises than we would elsewhere.

The first thing to expect from EA would be some time spent on their sports games, namely Madden and seeing as the World Cup is this year, I would be shocked not to see some kind of presentation for FIFA. There will be nothing new here, just the same old stuff we see every year.

But, EA does have some big titles working at the moment. One of the most anticipated, and one I personally hope we see a good deal more of, is Star Wars: Battlefront III. We have seen only the smallest of teasers so far, and I really don't expect any kind of in-game footage, but there will possibly be some kind of cinematic or other teaser with the voice of some famous Star Wars character or another. That has been confirmed to make an appearances as well. While it is too early to probably even mention, we can't forget that there is another untitled Star Wars game in the works at Visceral Games.

Battlefield: Hardline was leaked recently and EA has already said that more information will be coming about the game during their press conference. So far we know that it will be a cops and robbers type of game, with the obvious Battlefield spin on it. Expect them to explain how the game should play and how they are different from games like Payday.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably one of EA's biggest titles currently in the works. Seeing as it is coming out October 7, we should fully expect to see some more gameplay footage in the game. We have seen a little bit here and there, but nothing official. There will definitely be something for them to show off, and hopefully something that will make them proud.

Mirror's Edge 2 will likely be spoken about a little bit as well considering it has only been teased so far. We might get a little more involved teaser, but nothing too dramatic.

A new Battlefield 4 DLC will likely be talked about as well. Then the internet will backlash and rightly complain that they should be working on fixing the game rather than developing DLC for it.

The Sims 4 is also very likely to make an appearance during the press conference. Information has been coming out about it recently and they may show off something else here.

We know a new Mass Effect is in the works. Although it may be a little optimistic to see much about that. They may end their conference with a short teaser with the game title or something like that.

Expect a curveball or two during the press conference as well, just as we saw last year with things like Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Titanfall. However, it is probably unfair to expect anything on the level of Titanfall to be discussed. But as we mentioned Titanfall, I wouldn't be surprised to see some DLC for that talked about either.


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