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Indivisible TV Show in Production

An Indivisible TV show is in production and is reportedly targeting a future release

Microsoft Flight Simulator Paid Mods Announced

Now just over a month away from launching Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team has released a blog post and giv

Three New Intellvision Amico Sports Games Expand Growing Library

Three new Intellivision Amico sports games are joining this upcoming console's ever-growing library of family-friendly games.

Paradox Acquires Iceflake Studios, Developer of Surviving The Aftermath

Paradox Interactive, developer and publisher of games such as the Europa Universalis series, has now acquired Iceflake Studios from Tampere, Finlan

Ghost Of Tsushima Load Times Were So Fast, Devs Slowed Them Down

Recently-released samurai sandbox Ghost of Tsushima originally featured loading times so quick that it was impossible to read loading scre

Ubisoft Reveals First Prince Of Persia: The Dagger Of Time Screenshots

Ubisoft has released screenshots of its upcoming arcade VR escape room game Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time.

Adrian Chmielarz Details Come Midnight, The Detective Game That Never Wars

Polish video game designer (and People Can Fly co-founder) Adrian Chmielarz has a long history in the gaming world, but not everything he cooked up

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Release Date Delayed to Later in 2020

There's a bit of bad news for the FPSMMO fans out there: the Destiny 2: Beyond Light release date has been pushed back to later in 2020.

$900+ Ada Wong Resident Evil Statue Revealed by Darkside Collectibles

There are collectibles, and then there are collectibles.

Hello Neighbor Developer Dynamic Pixels Acquired by tinyBuild

Hello Neighbor developer Dynamic Pixels has been acquired by its publisher tinyBu

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Will Include Cloud Gaming Starting This September

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be including Cloud Streaming by integrating Microsoft's Project xCloud technology starting in September.

FMV Thriller Gamer Girl Launches This September

The Bunker and The Complex publisher Wales Interactive has revealed its next project. Gamer Girl is a multi-branching FM

Death Stranding Linux Playable Now On Steam

Valve Software has update Proton's GitHub so that Death Stranding is now playable on Linux, which is pretty cool.

With Skull And Bones Missing, King Of Seas May Be Your Pirate ARRPG This Year

With Ubisoft's much-anticipated Skull and Bones absent with scurvy this year, you may be hankerin' for another slice of high-seas adventur

Next Mount and Blade 2 Patch Might Cause Some Problems

The next Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord patch might be causing some pro

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Physical Edition Will Have 10 DVDs

When's the last time you bought a PC game on disc?

Pokemon GO Raid Invites Finally Debut Following Delay

Pokemon GO Raid Invites have finally made their debut following a weeks-long delay.

Second Marvel's Avengers War Table Stream Set for Late July 2020

The second Marvel's Avengers War Table stream has been scheduled for late July

Crystal Chronicles Remaster Won't Support Local Multiplayer

A remake of Final Fantasy spin off Crystal Chronicles is only a month away now.

Nintendo Famicom 'Changed My Life,' Hideo Kojima says

Hideo Kojima has been celebrating the recent Death Stranding PC launch and he's