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Gamescom 2015 - The Technomancer gets a new trailer

Spiders games have just unveiled a trailer for their next game, an RPG called The Technomancer.

Gamescom 2015 - ANNO 2205 update

After heavy anticipation from fans ANNO 2205 has had some news revealed to us this Gamescom.

Gamescom 2015 - Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

Today at Gamescom 2015 it was announced by Larian Studios that Divinity Original Sin would get an Enhanced Edition to bring the game into current g

[Updated] Gamescom 2015 - Dreadnought closed beta

Dreadnought, the team based space action game, by developers YAGER and publishers Grey Box and Six Foot has just announced that sign ups f

Gamescom 2015 - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, the latest in the series, had had a couple of new pieces of information revealed during this Gamescom 201

Dragon Age Inquisition: The Descent Announced

The next major DLC release for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been announced.

Gamescom 2015 - Mad Catz Teams To Create Licensed Star Citizen Peripherals

Mad Catz Interactive announced today that it'll be teaming up with Chris Roberts' Cloud Imperium Games to create a range of officially-licensed com

Nordic Games Acquires bitComposer IP

Nordic Games GmbH is expanding once again.

Gamescom 2015 - New amiibos Launching Sept 11th and 25th

At Gamescom 2015, Nintendo has announced a new line of amiibos will be available for purchase September 11th.

Gamescom 2015 - Racecraft announced

Everyone get ready to start your engines as you race on an entirely different level with Racecraft by Italy based indie studio Vae Victis

EA Gamescom 2015 - EA Gamescom Press Briefing

Today marks the start of the first real day of Gamescom 2015, Europes largest gaming convention, and after Microsoft takes off on their normal earl

Humble Bundle - Bandai Namco Entertainment

The new Humble Bundle is here offering seven games from Bandai Namco Entertainmen

Haven & Hearth To Receive Major Overhaul

Update: It has been announced that the changes will be delayed until the 28th, due to map generator issues.

Red Ash Falls Short on Kickstarter; Getting Made Anyway

Red Ash failed to reach it's kickstarter goal.<

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Xbox Gamescom Briefing Recap

Xbox Gamescom panel has started and with it we see as all of the main characters for Xbox give a pre-roll on what it is to "Jump Ahead" with the Xb

[Update] Microsoft Gamescom 2015- Cobalt

Microsoft showed off the latest offering from Mojang studios, the development studio that created Minecraft, and Oxeye Studios.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Halo Wars 2

Looks like Halo will return on PC pretty soon... even if not in its FPS incarnation.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Worms W.M.D.

Team 17 has announced a new Worms game: Worms WMD.

[Update] Microsoft Gamescom 2015- Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Microsoft Gamescom conference was able to show off more gameplay of Square's Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Just Cause 3

New gameplay footage of Just Cause 3 have just been showed on the Microsoft Conference in Gamescom 2015.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Halo 5 Arena

Halo 5 showed off a gameplay trailer from Warzone and Arena multiplayer, before revealing Colosseum, a new symmetrical Arena map.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - FIFA 16

Microsoft announced on the stage of Gamescom 2015 new details about FIFA 16, specifically about the Ultimate Team mode and soccer legends.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Homefront: The Revolution

A new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution premiered at Gamescom 2015.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - windows 10

After [email protected] had a lot of stage time showing off some great indie games, it was time for PC Gaming to hit the stage w

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Ark: Survival Evolved

Microsoft announced that Ark: Survival Evolved, the survical game (with dinosaurs) that is getting a lot of public and critiqua approval on the Ear

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - Bloodstained & ID xbox

Shortly before Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night took over the stage [email protected] had a short moment on the stage.

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