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Return to Castle Monkey Ball Combines Wolfenstein and Monkey Ball

Older gamers might remember Id Software's 1992 first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D, where players controlled Allied spy William "B.J." Bla

Pulse Red Xbox Controller Hits China Tomorrow, World In February

Microsoft has announced a new color option for its new Xbox Series X|S controller range.

Next Hearthstone Expansion Will Have a Better Rewards Track

The next Hearthstone expansion will feature a somewhat different Rewards Track from what Blizzard originally launched late last year, giving

Genshin Impact Resin Pass Launches in China

A Genshin Impact Resin Pass has launched in China, giving gamers the opportunity to get a portion of the Original Resin resource every day

Twitch Introduces Daily PogChamp Emotes

Twitch has figured out how they're going to replace their well-known PogChamp emote.

Bloodstained Classic Mode Release Date Set for Next Week

The Bloodstained Classic Mode has finally been locked in for next week, launching five new side-scrolling levels of content for fans of 

Mobile-only Sakura Revolution is Bombing

Sakura Revolution is a mobile spin-off based off the Sakura Wars franchise.

King Of Fighters XV Revealed Alongside Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3

Following a last-minute delay earlier this week, SNK has officially revealed King of Fighters XV for the first time.

Pavlov VR WWII Update Released

Developer and publisher of Pavlov VR, Vankrupt Games, has announced the Pavlov VR WWII update for their title, which adds three W

FTC Blasts Apple And Google In Tapjoy Advertising Ruling

The Federal Trade Commission has blasted Apple and Google, suggesting the two companies' prohibitive mobile platform charges force developers into

Futuristicon Aims to Fight Cancer by Selling Games

There are quite a few big gaming stores out there and a new one is in the works with a novel approach: Futuristicon aims to sell games while using

MTG Arena is Coming to Android in January 2020

An MTG Arena Android Early Access release and it's coming much sooner than you'd think — it's all set to arrive on most modern Android pho

Forge Squad Aims to Blend Overcooked and Tower Defense

Chaotic multiplayer games such as Overcooked are a special kind of fun, and now a new indie developer is making their student project 

Dying Light 2 Narration Designer Pawel Selinger Leaves Techland After 22 Years

Update (01/08/21, 2:35 PM) – Dying Light developer Techland has released a statement regarding Pawel Selinger's departure in order to "rea

Roblox Valued at $30 billion; Skipping IPO, Going With Direct Listing

Roblox announces yesterday that they would be skipping an IPO and instead are going with a Direct Listing, which they would do "following completio

Honkai Impact 3rd Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover Announced

Honkai Impact 3rd is getting a crossover with legendary anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, developer miHoYo has announced.

Someone is Building Night City in Minecraft

 Building massive structures and cities is a common pastime in the massive voxel-based sandbox game Minecraft.

Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition Remake Leaked Online

Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition by Core Design has been leaked online, which has long been sought after by Tomb Raider afic

Everything Announced During Today's Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event

There's a major Monster Hunter Rise digital event going on right now, with Capcom promising reveals galore.

Paladins Eternal Pyre Update Arrives with New Battle Pass

The Paladins Eternal Pyre Update has arrived alongside the Eternal Pyte Battle Pass with four new skins to unlock.

SNK Delays Announcement for Samurai Shodown Season 3, The King of Fighters 15

Today, SNK was going to give fighting game fans more details about Samurai Shodown Season 3 and The King of Fighters 15.

PUBG 2 Reportedly in Development Since Early 2020

Early last year, reports emerged of something called "Project XTRM" from the developer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Genshin Impact Reveals 'Lost Riches' Event, More Ganyu Details

The Genshin Impact Lost Riches event has been revealed, giving players the opportunity to earn Primogems and one of three Mini Seelie pet

Warzone Companion developers makes changes after players used it to cheat SBMM

As reported by Eurogamer, Warzone Companion--a Call of Duty: Warzone app that allowed players to see their lobby's K/D ratio before the ma

Steam Adds New Features For Xbox Elite Controller And More

Steam has received an update that adds new features for Xbox Elite controllers, as well as other types of controllers.

Microsoft Surveys Xbox Owners on DualSense Features

If you own an Xbox Series X/S, you may have received a survey from Microsoft about how you're enjoying it.

Conan Exiles Update 2.2 Overhauls Stamina and Shields

The newest patch from Funcom's Conan Exiles has launched, and with it comes over 200 fixes to the AI, UI, and everything in between along

January Prime Gaming Lineup Skis Into The Void

The January Prime Gaming lineup has been revealed.

Raptor Boyfriend is An Upcoming Game Where You Can Date a Raptor

If you've ever wanted to date a dinosaur, boy do I have a game for you! Raptor Boyfriend is an upcoming dating sim that will let you date

Coral Island Aims to Blend Farming RPGs and Environmentalism

If you love farming RPGs, a brand-new game is on the horizon: Stairway Games has announced Coral Island, a project coming to Kickstarter t