Zoria: Age of Shattering Is A Tactical Party-Based RPG

Published: September 30, 2019 12:37 PM /


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Today, developer Tiny Trinket Games revealed Zoria: Age of Shattering, a tactical party-based RPG that promises to deliver an epic story with deep management gameplay. 

Zoria. Home. Mother of all her inhabitants. She provides her children with food to grow, shelter to rest in and challenges to overcome, so her offspring may learn to fight and protect her gifts to them.

But men… men wanted more. They are Zoria’s finest sons and daughter: intelligent, resourceful… and violent. Her Ores turned into sword and daggers, and Her roots and flowers into vile concoctions of poison. They turned upon Her creation, for men wanted a kingdom. From their shelters of stone and wood, they drove out the wildlife of its woods and caves. It is within those caves that they found their ultimate instrument of defiance: zerrium. It is then that the cogs of their demise began to turn.

In Zoria, players operate out of their outpost base. Players must manage their resources, upgrade buildings, and expand their reach from their outpost. As they do so, they can influence the world around them as well. Players also have access to an easy-to-learn crafting system that can be used to outfit their companions with unique potions and loot.

The games companions, meanwhile, come from eight different classes with branching skill and upgrade trees. Classes affect not only their combat capabilities but also how they can explore the game's hand-crafted dungeons. Dungeons can be revisited with different companions to access entirely new areas and side quests, granting each area replayability. 

The game is being developed by Tiny Trinket Games, a small independent studio in Bucharest whose previous works include Azuran Tales: Trials. Zoria: Age of Shattering is their newest title and is expected to release in Spring 2020. You can follow the game on Steam

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