Zombie Survival Game Vein Gets New Update With Redone Map & More; You Can Still Play for Free

The zombie survival game Vein got a new update with a redone map and more; The best thing is that you can play it for free while it's in development. 👀

Published: May 25, 2023 12:03 PM /



Today the developers at Ramjet Studios released a new update to their post-apocalyptic zombie survival game Vein. 

The update, numbered 0.006, brings a redone sandbox map, changes to how water works, dirtiness, changes to how the characters' body works, and much more. You can read the full patch notes on Steam.

One if the most interesting aspects of this game, which has been defined by many as a hybrid between Project Zomboid and 7 Days to Die, is that the developers provide it as a free demo to anyone who wants to play while the game is being developed. It's certainly an interesting alternative to early access.

You can check out a summary video of the update below and a longer devlog on the developer's official YouTube channel.

If you're unfamiliar with Vein, you can read a list of features below:

  • Dynamic Environment: As time passes and seasons change, the world of Vein does too. Persistent, long-scale random events affect gameplay.
  • Intelligent AI: AI can see, hear, feel, and smell you, and react intelligently to those senses. You're being watched. Terrifying zombie variants make survival that much more difficult.
  • Customizable Characters: From your hair to your body type to your stats, you can customize your character and make them truly unique among the survivors.
  • Usable Everything: You can interact with nearly everything you can see. Open mailboxes, adjust faucets, and knock on doors. Throw a can of beans at a zombie if you like.
  • Fortification: Build over the destroyed world and establish safehouses. Defend yourself from raiders and invasions. Maintain your base by yourself or with friends.
  • Long-Term Survivalism: Hunt, fish, and trap. Till land and grow your own food. Chop your own wood. Once canned goods run out, you're on your own.
  • Vehicles and Maintenance: Get around the world of Vein with cars and trucks. Refuel and maintain your vehicle. Upgrade parts to repair damage and improve performance.

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