Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey will be a Premium Mobile JRPG

Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey is an upcoming premium mobile game that aims to bring classic JRPGs to the platforms for the first time.

Published: August 11, 2015 9:13 PM /


Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey Key Art Showing a futeristic cityscape with many towers and building. At the top right of the frame is a Final Fantasys-style silhouette of the main cast with the title on front.

Kobojo announced that their mobile JRPG, Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey will be a premium title in the U.S. and Europe. Usually, independent developer Kobojo releases their games free-to-play, however, for this title they're taking a chance on the paid market. Helping out Kobojo’s Dundee, Scotland studio with the game are JRPG veterans Kazushige Nojima (writer of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy X) and Hitoshi Sakimoto (Composer of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII).

With the help of some of Final Fantasy’s finest, Kobojo is hoping to make a classic JRPG for mobile while still making an innovative game. From freeform exploration to intense battles and item crafting Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey looks like it has all the markings of a classic JRPG. The unique story is presented in a hand-drawn 2D art style with a comprehensive soundtrack.

“The heart and soul of Zodiac has always been to bring players a classic JRPG experience regardless of platform – the kind of experience that JRPG fans enjoy, and sadly, that no longer seem as common as they once were,” said Kobojo CEO Mario Rizzo. “Listening to the great feedback we received after showing the game at GDC and E3, we’ve made the unprecedented decision to shift gears from Kobojo’s usual free­to­play format to make Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey a premium game for Western audiences. We’re excited to announce that the launch of game will offer an original Nojima­san storyline and the thrilling gameplay that we’ve all been hoping to see from a new JRPG product in a standalone, one­ time premium game purchase, with episodic content updates to continue the epic saga of Orcanon.”

For a one-time payment Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey will offer many areas to explore, dungeons, hours of quests and side-quests as well as in-depth cinematic sequences and challenging boss encounters. After launch the game will continue to receive episodic updates that contain more story content, new areas, challenges, characters, and unlockable classes and powers.

Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey screenshot showing a four-limbed flying creature

Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey will initially launch on the App Store for iOS as a premium title. After launch, Kobojo plans to release the game for Android later in the year. PC and Sony platform launches are expected shortly after. Pricing information for Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey is not yet available and will be released closer to launch.


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