Zero Escape Creator's Punch Line Coming West This Summer

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Punch Line, the thrilling Visual Novel adventure made by the creators of the Zero Escape Trilogy, is finally making its way to the west.

In true Visual Novel fashion, players adopt the role of Yuta Iridatsu, a typical high-schooler who suddenly finds himself in a world of trouble. After becoming involved in a bus hijacking incident, Yuta meets a famed vigilante named Stranger Juice. During this encounter, a bizarre phenomenon occurs, and Yuta's soul detaches from his body. Suddenly, trapped in a disembodied ghostly state, he finds that his affinity towards panties leads to dangerous consequences.

Before becoming trapped in this apparition-like form, Yuta would often faint at the sight of girls' panties out of pure elation. His new ghostly powers only exasperate this issue as he now contains the ability to wander unseen, peering upskirts, with no repercussions. Though, this possibility does come with a dire catch: in this state, if Yuta sees too many panties, he'll become overly excited, faint, and cause an asteroid to come hurling towards Earth, resulting in the destruction of all life.

One foul swoop won't immediately result in catastrophe, though, as players may utilize the time travel mechanic to loop back before the destruction of Earth commences. To put a stop to this entire phenomena, it's imperative to solve the mystery regarding the origins of your ghostly state. You'll need to unravel what initially caused it, how time travel is possible, and why fainting in the presence of panties results in the destruction of the world.

Though such desire circumstances loom in the background, it sure doesn't mean you can't enjoy your time as a ghost safely. If you wish, you may haunt a house full of cute girls and play tricks on them or cause otherworldly trouble. So long as you're not seeing too many panties and staying on top of your puzzle solving, you'll get the job done right.

Punch Line hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Steam in Europe and North America this summer. If this seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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