Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Sets Sail for the West

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Spike Chunsoft will be bringing the "survival dungeon RPG" Zanki Zero: Last Beginning to PS4 and Steam sometime in the future. Zanki Zero is created by the minds behind the Danganronpa series and developed by Lancarse, makers of Etrian Odyssey and Lost Dimension. Announced earlier this week in an issue of FamitsuZanki Zero is the first non-Danganronpa game that Yoshinori Terasawa has worked on since 2016's Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics. Though there's no release window for the West as of right now, Zanki Zero is planned to release sometime this summer in Japan on PS4 and PS Vita.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginnings deals with the apocalypse. After mankind is all but eliminated, the earth is broken up into floating islands with remnants of civilization. The last eight remaining humans must now fight for survival and search for meaning, as they attempt to maintain shelter and feed themselves. Unfortunately, all of the remaining humans are clones, each with a 13-day lifespan. They all rapidly age from teenagers to elders, before dying and being reborn again. Seven of the clones are named after the seven deadly sins, with the eighth girl named after the "Original Sin."

The gameplay of Zanki Zero revolves around adventuring into dungeons, attempting to maintain some semblance of a base, and ultimately trying to survive. With only 13 days before the clones are reborn, each stage of life brings with it different stats, abilities, and capabilities. As the clones get naturally weaker as they age, they can unlock new skills and potential, depending on how they die. With each character named after some sort of sin, the dungeons are therefore themed around the nature of their transgressions and hold many secrets concerning the characters' histories. If all this sounds positively bonkers, you should remember it is coming from the Danganronpa creators, after all. Featuring full English and Japanese voice acting, Zanki Zero will be available on Steam and the PS4 both physically and digitally sometime in the future.

Yoshinori Terasawa will be showing off Zanki Zero on Twitch tonight at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST.

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