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Yuji Naka's New Game Balan Wonderworld Is Coming To Xbox Series X

July 23, 2020 11:56 AM

By: Joseph Allen


Sonic the Hedgehog and NiGHTS creator Yuji Naka has announced his newest game. Balan Wonderworld is a 3D platformer-action game which features a unique costume-switching mechanic. It's coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X next year.

What exactly is Balan Wonderworld?

Creator Yuji Naka is promising twelve different tales for players to experience in Balan Wonderworld. Each story will unfold as you make your way through the corresponding level, switching costumes and learning about the inhabitants of the game's colorful world. You can check out the first trailer for Balan Wonderworld, which shows off the game's mechanics and unique aesthetic, right here:




Gameplay-wise, Balan Wonderworld will feature over 80 costumes, each of which will have a unique power you can use to make it through each world. The trailer shows off a spider costume with which you can climb and navigate webs, as well as a costume that lets you freeze enemies and one that allows you to burrow through earth. The game's narrative will revolve around "bring[ing] balance to others and yourself". If you're a fan of Yuji Naka's other work - Billy HatcherIvy the Kiwi?, and Sonic - this looks like it should appeal to you.

An in-game screenshot of Balan Wonderworld
Balan Wonderworld will feature over 80 costumes with unique abilities.

You'll be able to play Balan Wonderworld on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It'll support Smart Delivery, so buying it on Xbox One will allow you to play it on Xbox Series X as well. It hits Xbox in Spring 2021. We'll bring you more on this game as soon as we get it.



Are you excited to check out Balan Wonderworld? Let us know in the comments below!

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