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Ys VIII's Updated Script "Nearly 100%" Rewritten

Gaming article by Kyle Johnson on November 10, 2017 at 3:05 PM

As part of a weekly blog series, Senior Associate Producer Alan Costa revealed that Ys VIII's updated script has been "nearly 100% rewritten." If you've been keeping up with the saga of Ys VIII's rewrite, then you'll know that after a public apology and a delay into next year, Costa was put in charge of a team that would entirely redo Ys VIII's script. Despite the negative press, it's nice to get some good news coming out of NIS America this week, as Costa and the team at NIS America completed an edit of the voice line script on Monday. After that, a complete read-through of the voice lines to ensure consistency was underway, followed by a trip back into the recording studio.

NIS America is also bringing back the original voice cast to re-record "nearly everything." The first session with Laxia and Sahad, two of the side characters from Lacrimosa of Dana has already finished. The only lines that will be kept in Ys VIII's updated script will be some incidental and battle lines. With average playtimes clocking in around 40 hours, the fact that NISA is already moving forward with re-recording voice lines speaks to the urgency of the project.


NIS America voice recording studio
NIS America in the voice recording studio

Some might call NISA's process excessive or a "waste of money," if the comments on the blog post are to be believed. While its hard to quantify the money spent on this undertaking, the sheer scale of the re-editing project indicates that NISA is in for the long haul, particularly after winning the translation job over XSEED Games. Nihon Falcom has yet to comment publicly on the poor reception of Ys VIII's translation, but Costa and the rest of the translation team seem to be working for as much as the community's benefit as Nihon Falcom's. Ys VIII's translation patch is set to come free sometime next year, with the PC release to follow.

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