Ys VIII's Translation Fix and PC Release Delayed to 2018

Published: November 3, 2017 9:35 PM /


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In a blog post by Senior Associate Producer Alan Costa, he reveals that Ys VIII's translation update had been pushed back to "early next year." This means the associated PC release of Ys VIII has also been delayed because of this patch. Costa's blog post comes on the heels of an earlier apology by CEO and President of NIS America, Takuro Yamashita. As we covered before, Yamashita was responding to the widespread outcry about the poor quality of Ys VIII's translation and promised a free patch to remedy these issues.

Costa's follow-up post reiterated these promises, as well as promising future weekly posts about the status of Ys VIII's translation update. Costa also announced that he will be leading the revision project directly under Yamashita's supervision. The translation patch will aim to address "the localization from the ground up," which will include: working with and reviewing the translation with a new translator; completely editing the script and correcting item names; re-recording voice lines and debugging the new build. Costa also added that the team at NISA will incorporate external feedback, and that details about the nature of the feedback would come in a future post.

While this latest round of news may come as a disappointment to some, Costa also emphasized that the further delay of the PC release will mean the team has more time to optimize its release. The comments on the blog post and in the Steam Community thread are predictably mixed in response. Some are applauding NISA for being forthright about their issues and taking time to fix the shoddy translation, while others are demanding refunds because of the delayed release. While Costa and the team at NISA did not want to lock down a date for a release of Ys VIII's translation update, with any luck, we'll know more soon.

What do you think of NISA's move to delay Ys VIII on PC? Do you think NISA should publish Ys VIII now and update it later? Let us know in the comments below!


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