You Can Now Level Up In Microsoft Solitaire...For Some Reason

Published: February 11, 2019 3:12 PM /



The Microsoft Solitaire Collection, the modern version of old Windows Solitaire, is getting an update soon that adds experience points and leveling up to the game. The update was announced in a video uploaded to the Microsoft Casual Studio's YouTube channel, with an announced release date of 'coming soon'.

The update is being targeted at players of the casual game who 'want to track their progress' across the apps several varieties of solitaire games. The leveling system will also feature rewards for reaching different milestones in the game, although there are no details currently on what the rewards will be or how a player's levels will affect how they play the game.

Some information can be extrapolated from the video such as the fact that level 100 seems to be the highest level a player can achieve, and that each of the 5 types of solitaire will have their own level. So now you can finally live your dream of being a level 100 grandmaster spider-solitaire player, an achievement that is sure to make all of your social peers jealous.

The announcement video features two men in a recording studio trying to get the voice-over for the announcement itself recorded in the right way. The voice-over artist keeps trying to game sound epic while the man in charge of recording tells him to keep it casual while he spews out the exposition about the new update's features.

Fan reaction to the announcement was mixed with a lot of the comments on the video talking about problems with the app or for features that they'd rather see instead of leveling. There were at least a few people out there that found the video amusing, however, with comments featuring quotes or calling out how funny the trailer for a Solitaire game was.

Quick Take

Okay so I have several questions. 1) why? Does this help anyone? Does it improve anything? 2) How exactly do you count progression in Solitaire? isn't the experience fundamentally the same? Is it just going to be playing 100 games or something? 3) What is even going on? 4) Why don't the cards do that jumpy thing when I win anymore...I miss Windows 98. 

What did you think of the trailer? Are you an avid Solitaire player? Let us know in the comments. 

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