Yoshi's New Island 3DS Release Date Announced

Published: January 23, 2014 6:00 PM



Your responsibility of taking care of Baby Mario starts March 14, 2014 at retail and the Nintendo Eshop, starting the 3DS' year off strong and proving that Nintendo will continue creating great software to keep it's strong hold on the handheld market and prove that Nintendo hardware brings experiences that cannot be had anywhere else.



Keeping the same art style will take you down memory lane

March 14, 2014 will bring the 4th (true sequel) entry into the series on the 3DS and 2DS after being a surprise announcement at E3 last year.  In a year Nintendo is under scrutiny, software sells hardware, and expect the 3DS to continue its handheld dominance and gain more traction with Yoshi's New Island. Takashi Tezuka, the series creator, returns as producer of Yoshi's New Island.  While keeping the same art style with a bit of updates to the graphics and gameplay, Nintendo gives us another reason to carry our 3DS  around and keep Baby Mario from crying and floating in that bubble.



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