Yoshinori Ono Says Onimusha Discussions Happening at Capcom

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Fans of Onimusha will be happy to hear that Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono, who worked on the Onimusha series, has said discussions have happened at Capcom regarding a sequel. In an interview with The Daily Star Yoshinori Ono said another Onimusha game is in the discussion phase. Even this could well be enough to get fan of the series hopeful for a new entry in the series.

Here is what Yoshinori Ono had to say.

"Capcom as a company know we have many brands, IP’s and series that are beloved by players around the world and we always have fans asking us, when is this or that game coming back, 

I've spoken internally with people who made Onimusha with me originally and talked about maybe how interesting it would be to revisit that series."

Considering the last main entry in the series was 10 years ago back in 2006, many fans may have given up on seeing a new Onimusha game. Yoshinori Ono did go on to emphasize that they are still in the discussion phase.   

"But fans should know that we’re not further down that road than the discussion phase."

So if we take a step back and look at the information it would seem like just there isn't that much to be excited about. Although with Yoshinori Ono about the wrap up on Street Fighter V, is it possible that he has put this out there to drum up fan interest as a way to get Capcom to go forward with it?

"Right now, I’m so focused on Street Fighter V that I’m not really in a position to start that same level of battle that I had getting Street Fighter IV made."


The first Onimusha debuted back in 2001 on the PS2, Yoshinori Ono was the sound manager for that first game. He then went on to be a producer for the series. The last Onimusha related thing Capcom announced was a web browser game called Onimusha Soul, not really the sequel fans were hoping for I suspect.

The fact that Yoshinori Ono is even talking about Onimusha is enough for some fans to grasp onto hope for another game. All we can do though is wait for Capcom to make the next move.

Are you interested in a Onimusha sequel? Do you find this to be hopeful news for the series or just PR talk? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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