Yooreka Studio Reveals 8 New Games for the Next Year

Published: June 15, 2021 6:40 PM /


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Yooreka Studio has ambitious plans for the future! It's launching eight brand-new games over the next year — and you'll be able to try out five of them during the Steam Next Fest.

You may not have heard of Yooreka Studio just yet. It's only published a handful of games on Steam over the last year or so, one of which was handling the publishing responsibilities for Streets of Rage 4 in China. Now, it's announced a whole bunch of upcoming games that will be arriving over the next year!

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3 Yooreka Studio Game Demos Available Right Now

Three of the Yooreka Studio games have demos that you can play right now. Yes, that's right — you don't even have to wait for the Steam Next Fest to start to play these demos!

Reshaping Mars

Arriving Q3 2021

Reshaping Mars aims to enter the base building space with — you guessed it — a game where you build a colony on Mars. Get things started at one of several real-world locations on the red planet and then get to building! You'll have to deal with dust storms, radiation, and pretty much no breathable air while trying to keep your colonists productive and entertained.

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare

Arriving Q1 2022

Winning the highly accurate battles of Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare will require cunning and guile to win. Utilize the power of physics to lead your troops to victory! This game is part puzzler and part strategy; can you manage to lead your troops to victory?

Mohism: Battle of Words

Arriving Q1 2022

Play as an ancient Chinese detective in Mohism, a game that's all about beating your enemies with wit. We can't say much about the dialogue just yet, but the characters we've seen so far look pretty darn good. You'll be able to play the "Order of the Blade's Murder Case" episode over around 60 minutes. This unique demo was specially crafted separate from the game, so you won't have any spoilers for launch day, either!

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Yooreka Studio Steam Next Fest Games

These next two Yooreka Studio games will be made available during the Steam Next Fest starting Wednesday, June 16, in addition to the three mentioned in the previous section.

The Immortal Mayor

Arriving Q3 2021

You are literally what the title says in this next game: The Immortal Mayor. Play as a deity and help your people prosper while working with neighboring gods to help build up a town! As you progress, you'll gain more offerings from the townsfolk in gratitude for your help.

Metal Mind

Arriving Q1 2022

Blending mecha and roguelike gameplay, Metal Mind is a top-down shooter featuring a powerful transforming mech. You'll be able to select from a bunch of different parts and weapons and you play, and they have a purpose, too — take your time to build your bot intelligently or you might find yourself running out of power!

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Other Yooreka Studio Releases

Finally, these last three Yooreka Studio releases won't be participating in the Steam Next Fest. That said, they'll be arriving within the next year!


Arriving Q4 2021

Loopmancer is a gorgeous platformer where you have to face a somewhat unusual problem. The bad news is that you've already died. The good news is that you've somehow managed to come back to life! As the name implies, you're trapped in a time loop — can you solve the mystery and prevent your own death before it's too late?

The Swordsmen X: Survival

Arriving Q4 2021

The Swordsman X: Survival is an open-world survival crafting game set in an area that's over 256 square kilometers. Built in the Unreal 4 engine, you'll be able to build your own home, create a martial arts school, and explore the land! You'll also be able to visit the developer's interpretation of iconic real-world locations such as the Honglian temple and Niujiao Village.

Tales of Wild

Arriving Q1 2022

Tales of Wild aims to take players on a grand adventure. Much like The Swordsmen X: Survival, you'll have to build up your base from scratch and get your hands on some equipment to survive. What makes this game different, however, is that it has ambitious aims to launch as an MMORPG. Naturally, you'll be able to team up with other players and battle it out in this virtual world, too. Sadly, it appears the game has been delayed from a 2021 release, to the new early 2022 release date.

And that's that! Some of these upcoming Yooreka Studio games look pretty interesting. You'll be able to play five of them starting tomorrow; check out these games and everything else published by this company on the Yooreka Studio publisher page on Steam.

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