Yogscast raise over $1 million for charity

Published: January 8, 2015 12:39 PM /


Yogscast Jingle Jam

The popular Youtube network Yogscast has finished their December 'Yogscast Jingle Jam' and has reported in on the results. In the month of December they raised over $1.1 million dollars - or just over £725,000 for 5 charities.

The Jingle Jam worked by having people from all across their channels appear nightly on Twitch streams playing games, tackling challenges, and otherwise having a good time raising money for charity. They managed even to snag a few guests in over the time to help get additional awareness, and were helped out by the game community.

Several developers pitched in and gave their game to those who pledged $25 or more during the month. Games such as Thomas Was Alone, Magicka, and Call of Juarez were among those given out. Those who gave $5 or more were given a unique accessory in Team Fortress 2, and were able to leave messages for the livestreamers.

The money will be split among 5 international charities: Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders/MSF, Fauna & Flora International, Special Effect, and End Polio Now.

The direct donations raised over $930 000, with Yogscast working hard to directly raise the rest. The remaining $175 000 was raised directly by Yogscast with initiatives such as the Christmas Song "‘Does Santa Claus Visit Zombie Pig-men Kids in the Nether in Minecraft (At Christmas Time)?" and limited edition Christmas sweaters.

The total was a new record for Yogscast, surpassing last years total, and marking the second time they surpassed a million dollars. Since 2011, Yogscast has now raised over $2.6 million with the Jingle Jams that was donated to charity.

Speaking on the matter Yogscast Co-Founder Lewis Brindley had the following to say, “It blows our mind every year just how incredibly generous people are – I want to thank each and every person who donated to make the Jingle Jam so successful.”

The Yogscast marks a year where gaming managed to be quite successful in raising money for charity. Extra Life rose over 5.4 million, Awesome Games Done Quickly 2014 raised over $1 million, and several other events like anti-bullying charities, the Fine Young Capitalists were ongoing throughout the year at different times.

2015 has similarly started off quickly as charities seem to be realizing the amount of money there is here. The Porn Charity, and Awesome Games Done Quickly are raising significant funds in what could be a banner year again for gaming charity.

What do you think of all the game charity streams that now exist? Did you donate to any in 2014, or plan to in 2015? Tell us in the comments below!

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