You Can Pet the Dog VR is Out for Dog Petters Everywhere

Published: August 28, 2020 4:40 PM /


Yes You Can Pet the Dog VR

Not sick of the 'Can you Pet the Dog' memes circulating online every time a video game screenshot of a canine companion is revealed? I hope not, because now you have a brand new video game totally dedicated to that very action in full VR. 

No. This is not a joke. This is a real game. A real game you can buy right now on Steam. For VR.

Titled You Can Pet the Dog VR by developers Red Iron Labs and Racanouter Games, this simple VR game allows you to interact with your little puppy companion. Based on the opening sequence for another game in development, called DOGGONE, players will be able to play with their dog, including games like fetch with a ball, fetch with a stick, and of course, pet the dog. A lot.

I mean, who wouldn't pass up the chance to pet the dog in the end? That is kind of the point of You Can Pet The Dog VR, it is designed to be a simple, little game that you can put on and play with whenever you feel like "unplugging from the world."

One other fact about You Can Pet The Dog VR, was the design choices. The game was deliberately designed with bright colors and beautiful handcrafted landscapes, and tailored made for players to enjoy regardless if they are color blind or not. This fits in neatly with developers Red Iron Labs and Racenouter Games for making a small, casual experience instead of a widespread epic adventure.

Those looking to pet the dog can download You Can Pet the Dog VR right now on Steam for the low price of $4.99. 

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