Yes, Hideo Kojima is Still Working With PlayStation

Published: June 13, 2022 10:14 AM /


Hideo Kojima

To the shock and dismay of some PlayStation fans, Kojima Productions is no longer exclusively making console games for PlayStation. Yesterday, Hideo Kojima announced that he and his studio have partnered up with Microsoft to make a game, with Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud technology noted as of the high points of the partnership. There's also no news about a release date, gameplay, or any other details besides the fact that the game is eventually coming, so let's get into the reaction, shall we?

What's going on with Hideo Kojima?

While there's undoubtedly a lot of memeing going on, there's definitely at least some people that are upset that Hideo Kojima's console releases are no longer PlayStation exclusive. A petition reveals 1,555 signatures at the time of publishing with this accompanying message:


Kojima is betraying his loyal fans. He has been blinded by greed. We must help him come back to the winning side. PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION EVERYWHERE.

Not everyone has good enough internet to stream games. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new console or build a new pc. Please Kojima, dont leave us. 

In a world where true gaming exclusives are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, it makes sense that Kojima is also moving around and making games for all platforms. It seems that Kojima's willingness to move between publishers has stung some PlayStation fans who've been proud of having one of the biggest names in gaming as a PlayStation exclusive. Though it's still very likely PlayStation fans are going to be the first to get Death Stranding 2 eventually.

As Kojima Production's Twitter states, they're an "independent creative studio", so if Microsoft wants to fund a Hideo Kojima title, then why not? 

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