Yandere Simulator May 2019 Progress Report Details Quality of Life Improvements and New Challenges

Published: May 6, 2019 9:26 PM /


yandere simulator may 2019 update

The Yandere Simulator May 2019 Progress Report is here and it details a whole bunch of neat new quality-of-life improvements alongside some new challenges for players to overcome. While Yandere Simulator is still very much a work in progress, the developer has managed to squeeze in a boatload of fixes and improvements in the last month.

Check out the Yandere Simulator May 2019 Progress Report for yourself to here YandereDev talk about some of the more interesting improvements now available in the game:


Some of the changes noted in this progress report are all about quality-of-life. For example, a simple tutorial system now exists that will pop up the first time you encounter a specific scenario or in-game status (and yes, the tutorials can be disabled). A map has also been added which should make things a little bit easier to navigate, too.

However, some of the more interesting updates are related to the game's challenge and realism. To start, a student who takes a photo of you committing a crime will attempt to send it to the police. Should you kill them, you must now also destroy their phone to eliminate the evidence. Senpai will chase you down and remove your mask if you make a kill while wearing one in front of him out of his "strong sense of justice"; this is intended to make kills with the mask a little less powerful. Yandere-chan will also be unable to run away should she be pursued by someone who witnessed a crime — you now must eliminate any of the witnesses immediately as there isn't really anywhere to run. (After all, you still have to come back to school tomorrow).

Perhaps the most interesting new feature shown in the Yandere Simulator May 2019 Progress Report is a change to the sanity system. When Yandere-chan's sanity gets below 33.33%, she will start to have intrusive thoughts about committing violent acts against students. She won't be able to tell students apart, and she will also be unable to resist her murderous urges. Get too close to a student while your sanity is low and Yandere-chan will automatically murder them, adding a much greater level of challenge (and a much more severe penalty) for letting your sanity get that low.

Of course, the Yandere Simulator May 2019 Progress Report only details a handful of changes that have made their way into the game in the last month; read through the Update History for all the fine details. You can download a version of the game to test for yourself over at the official Yandere Simulator website.

What do you think of the changes and improvements in the Yandere Simulator May 2019 Progress Report? What do you think of the overall pace of development? Let us know in the comments below!


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