Yakuza 6 The Song of Life

Yakuza 6 Coming West With Special Edition

August 18, 2017 9:20 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is coming West on March 20, 2018. This installment in the Yakuza franchise marks the final chapter for protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. The last story for the Dragon of Dojima will be available for PlayStation 4 when it launches in The Americas, Australia, and the United Kingdom.





Powered by the new Dragon Engine, Yakuza 6 brings a gritty crime story and explosive combat to life. This story brings players back to Kamurocho as well as to the new setting of Onomichi, a port town in Hiroshima Prefecture. The shadowy events that take place will test the bonds of family for Kiryu and those closest to him.

In this final chapter for Kiryu he will use only one fighting style including the return of “Heat Action”. However, there will be the addition of a meter that can be filled up to engage “Extreme Heat Mode”. Extreme Heat Mode will enable combos to deal heavy damage making punches more formidable than ever.



Yakuza 6 After Hours Premium Edition
Yakuza 6 After Hours Premium Edition

To commemorate The Dragon of Dojima’s final story an “After Hours Premium Edition” of the game will be available to preorder. This first ever Yakuza special edition game comes in a collectible outer box. Included with the game are the classy mobster essentials of 2 bar glasses, 2 ice stones, and 2 coasters designed with iconic emblems from the franchise. Fans will also find a hardcover art book in the special edition box. More details about what the art book will entail will be revealed at a later date.



Yakuza 6 Limited Launch Edition
Yakuza 6 Limited Launch Edition

The After Hours Special Edition version of Yakuza 6 will be selling for the suggested retail price of $89.99 / CA$119.99 /£79.99 /€89.99 / A$129.99. A limited launch edition of the game will also be able to preorder with just the hardcover art book that is also the disc holder. The basic version of the game will go on sale for the suggested retail price of $59.99/CA$79.99 in the Americas, £49.99 in the United Kingdom, €59.99 in the rest of Europe, and $89.99 in Australia.

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