XSeed Explains Trails in the Sky Localization Changes

Published: April 8, 2017 1:08 AM /



A recent blog post by XSEED Localization Producer/head of their Trails series team, Brittany, revealed some interesting localization details and upcoming patches for Trails in the Sky FC and SC, as well as release news for Trails in the Sky the Third.

First, and most importantly, The Third is on track for a Spring 2017 PC release, with a release date given of May 3rd.

Secondly, Brittany dove into detail of future changes coming for Trails in the Sky FC and SC English localizations that will be implemented in game patches. The biggest change announced is that Zane Vathek’s name will be officially changed to Zin, which is what it is in the original Japanese version. The blog stated that when Trails was first localized the decision was made to change his name to Zane, though no concrete reason was given for doing so.

Other details changed are much more minor, but will clear up some confusion between the games. For instance, Mayor Maybelle has been referred to several different ways throughout the games, from Mayor to Lady to Miss to just plain Maybelle, which will now all be changed to Mayor Maybelle. Some names have also been streamlined to match up with Trails of Cold Steel as well as Trails in the Sky, like changing the name of the legendary lake fish to just Guardian of the Lake, rather than the three different titles it had previously been known by.

Airships will now be known as Orbalships or Airships, doing away with the previously less used and much clunkier “flying boats” term, Duke Dunan will only be addressed as “Your Grace,” befitting his title as Duke and descriptions at the Grancel Museum and in the Capel computer system will also be expanded in several entries.

Several smaller grammar and capitalization entries will also be corrected throughout the series and additional titles will be changed to match up better with Trails of Cold Steel.

Are you excited for these changes to Trails in the Sky or are you upset that Zane’s name is changing? Let us know in the comments below!


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