Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed Reveals New Gameplay, Videos, Art, & Details Aplenty

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed

Following the reveal from a few days ago, Monolith Soft released quite a few details, art, and clips of new footage and artwork of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's upcoming DLC titled Future Redeemed.

While the details were provided in Japanese, below you can find a handy translation of everything we learned.


We take a look at the protagonist Matthew. He belongs to an organization named "City" that opposes Mobius. He has a straightforward and caring personality and is looking for his missing sister, Nael. 

Here's a look at his blade, given to him by his grandfather. It contains a limited version of the power of an Ouroboros Stone. 

The heroine "A" fights with a thin red sword and acts alongside Matthew. Her personality lets her calmly assess the situation and this makes her a good companion for our heroes, who tends to act without thinking.


A often criticizes Matthew for rushing into combat. Yet, they're surprisingly compatible.

Nikol is a soldier from Keves well versed in mechanical engineering. He's calm and quiet, but he becomes surprisingly assertive when it comes to talking about machines. Instead of using a Blade, he fights with mechanical arms.

While Nikol is a soldier, he doesn't seem to enjoy fighting very much.


Glimmer is a soldier from Agnus and fights by using a staff with strings attached to it. She has a strong personality and at times she speaks in a harsh tone. She acts a bit selfishly because she isn't able to accept reality.

Here we see how Glimmer meets Nikol during a battle while she's leading a squad of soldiers from Agnus. 


Shulk is a kind-hearted swordsman wielding a familiar red sword. Due to an old battle wound, his right arm has been replaced with an artificial one and he's able to wield his sword using only his left hand.

Shulk acts to protect Glimmer. Could he be that Shulk? 

Rex is a swordsman who wields a pair of blades. He has a lively and honest personality and together with Shulk, he leads the organization named "Liberator." He lost his left eye during an old battle. 

A grown-up Rex protects everyone with his large sword. He's so cool! 

Nael is the younger sister of Matthew. She has a kind personality and takes care of the children of "City." She goes missing due to a certain event. 


She's very gentle and cares about the children more than anything else.

A mysterious character appears before Shulk and Rex. 

He seems to be familiar to Shulk, but who is he?

Below you can check out the new music track "New Battle!!!" You can seize victory even against formidable enemies while riding on the notes of this song. 

Just like in the original game, different characters have different Attacker, Defender, and Healer roles and can fight by making use of Arts with different effects. 

An "Ouroboros Power," which is more powerful than normal Arts can be set on the left side of the screen and can be fused with Arts to create a variety of effects. The effect depends on the combination. For instance, here you can see some sort of aura.

By combining the power of two characters you can unleash a move called "Union Combo." For instance, you generate a Union Combo by executing a special attack on an enemy in the air. The recast of these special moves can be increased by using Arts. 

Union Combos differ depending on the two characters who execute them, and there are differences in damage and range. They can cause "Smash," "Burst," or "Blow," and the two characters will receive an Awakening buff. 

Gondow is Matthew and Nael's grandfather. He's trusted by everyone as a driving force behind the foundation of "City."

He devoted a lot of effort to training his grandchildren. 

Matthew's class is "Martial Artist." His weapon of choice is the Ouroboros Knuckle. He's an attacker capable of delivering a massive barrage of blows, crushing his enemies before they can have a chance to attack. His talent art "Gigantic Beat" recovers 50% of the recast of all arts when it hits.  

A's class is "Monado Fencer." Her weapon of choice is the Monado. She is an offensive healer who can hunt down her enemies with sharp slashes. Her talent art "Vision" disables attacks on the party for a limited time. While using Vision she can also unleash "Vanishing End" dealing damage to all enemies.  

Here are Matthew and the gang as they run around a familiar place. Where is this?

 Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed releases on April 25 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If you'd like to learn more, you can check out our review of the base game

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