Xbox Update Adds Quick Resume Pins, Share Button Mapping

Published: March 9, 2022 2:08 PM /


Xbox Update Quick Resume Pin cover

The March 2022 Xbox Update has arrived, adding the ability to pin games to the Quick Resume menu and allowing you to remap the Share button.

Microsoft is continually working to improve its services and software, and it shows: earlier this year, its flagship subscription service Xbox Game Pass hit 25 million subscribers. Of course, they're always working on improvements for its flagship console, too -- and now an update has arrived with some cool new features.


Xbox Update Quick Resume Pin menu

What's New in the March 2022 Xbox Update?

The March 2022 Xbox update has three major new additions to the console's operating system: Quick Resume pinning, share button remapping, and a new audio setup wizard.

The new Pin to Quick Resume feature is exactly what it says on the tin: you can pin a game to the Quick Resume menu, saving you from having to dig around in the menus to play your latest favorite piece of entertainment. A total of 2 games can be pinned to this menu.

Also arriving in this latest Xbox Update is a new feature that allows you to remap the Share Button in the Xbox Accessories map. This is complemented by new firmware updates for all current Xbox controllers (and some Xbox One controllers, too).

The final major addition in this update is a new setup wizard for your audio system. This will allow you to test out your sound setup using a variety of preset options. You can access this menu under General > Volume & audio output > Audio setup.

And that's pretty much it! The March 2022 Xbox update only debuted a few new features, but they all seem pretty useful. Now, all we have to do is actually get our hands on one of these consoles -- let's hope that restocks start picking up steam soon.




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