Xbox Release Will Not Have Goldeneye Multiplayer, Switch Exclusive

Published: September 13, 2022 1:17 PM /


Goldeneye 007 original Nintendo 64 game cover image, Goldeneye Multiplayer Switch Exclusive

Today, we learned that Goldeneye 007 would be heading to both Xbox and Nintendo Switch, which of course had fans of the franchise excited. Right after the announcement for Switch, we also learned that the Goldeneye Multiplayer Switch exclusive features would not be implemented into the Xbox version. Luckily, according to the Goldeneye 007 official website, there will be a few quality-of-life features added to the Xbox version to make up for the loss.

According to, the online function will only be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version, allowing Switch users to play the original 4-person multiplayer mode with gamers across the globe. Though Xbox players won't be receiving this feature, they will be getting a few neat features that have caught the fan's attention. The Xbox version will have a 4K resolution remaster on Xbox Gamepass, meaning the game will be free to those who have a membership. Not only that, the devs stated that there will be "smoother frame rates" for those who play on the Xbox console. There is no word whether or not the devs are aiming for 60fps or not, but we at least know that the frames will be exponentially better than the original version.

Goldeneye 007 ingame screenshot of first person player running along the snow-covered mountainside

More so, the Xbox version will come with achievements for players to acquire through split-screen, rather than online gameplay modes, though the devs didn't list how many or what the achievements may be at this time. Lastly, there will be dual analog stick support for the Gamepass version. Though neither of the versions has a release date set as of yet, Nintendo did show off a teaser of the game for the Nintendo Switch via Twitter, which brings back several memories if I may add. The music itself brings you back to sitting on the floor in front of a large-backed television, getting ready to take on the life of Bond...James Bond.. for the very first time. 

Rare Ltd. also posted the Xbox Gamepass teaser on Twitter, which if you look closely, you will notice has a much more polished and clean look to the graphics. So from what we can see, the frame rates and graphic quality will be much higher on the Xbox version. Goldeneye 007 still ranks as the third best-selling game in history on the Nintendo 64 console, so it is understandable why fans of this long-lived franchise are absolutely pumped about this re-release. 


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