Xbox One X Underperforms In Japan

Gaming article by Max Moeller on Friday, November 17, 2017 - 18:52

Japan has never been a big fan of the Xbox branding. The Xbox One X did little to change that. According to Famitsu, the One X only sold 1,639 units during the week of November 6 to November 12. (via Kotaku)

Even the Vita outsold it, reaching 3,023 units. It did beat the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox One S, and Nintendo 2DS, however. The full list of hardware sales is here:

  • Nintendo Switch - 84,593 units
  • PlayStation 4 - 23,613 units
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL - 10,935 units
  • New Nintendo 3DS - 6,576 units
  • PlayStation 4 Pro - 6,028 units
  • PlayStation Vita - 3,023 units
  • Xbox One X - 1,639 units
  • Nintendo 2DS - 1,176 units
  • Xbox One S - 49 units
  • PlayStation 3 - 38 units
  • Wii U - 32 units
There were reports that the Xbox One X had sold out in stores in Japan. While this is technically true, it's only because retailers ordered stock for those who pre-ordered the console and no more. Should anyone have canceled their pre-order, that unit would have been sold over the counter.

It's little surprise that the Japanese hardware is doing well, however. The Switch has been hitting fantastic numbers the past couple of months, and TIME Magazine even named it one of the best inventions of 2017.

The X has done well otherwise. It outperformed the PS4 Pro and sold around 80,000 units in the UK—almost as many as the Switch did back in March. Microsoft says it did even better in the United States but didn't give any numbers. A majority of these sales were for the Project Scorpio version. This is a nice win for Microsoft, as 2017 has been pretty lackluster for them otherwise. We'll have to see if these numbers continue into the holiday season.

Are you surprised at the sales numbers of the Xbox One X? Were you one of the first to pick up the new hardware? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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