Xbox One November Update 2014 Out Now

The Xbox One November 2014 update has finally dropped, and it seems like Microsoft is serious about clawing back some of its street cred.

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Since its rocky controversial start, the Xbox One has rebounded some to be a solid and often updated device. While things such as the mandatory Kinect, always online and Microsoft’s parity policy may always mark its legacy, monthly updates to the software have improved it greatly, as this month's Xbox One Novermber update promises to do.

November is going to feature updates that are mostly aimed at community and friends. As the final major update of the year due to the inevitable December Holiday rush, they pushed out a lot in community and ease of use. The next big Xbox One update will likely be in 2015, and that may be when the screenshot feature will make its debut as its been confirmed not to be in December.

User Customization

  • Custom Backgrounds: Yes, the Xbox One can finally give each account its own background and reach up to the level of old myspace pages, which had more flexibility as your only options at this point are colour or achievement art. More options are promised in the future
  • Gamer Profile: Want to tell the whole internet who you are and where you live? Well… now you can with ease on Xbox One! You can also display what achievements you feel are your best (top 6) for when others stop into visit, or go browse around see who else is there.
  • Tweet game clips: Now it’s easier than ever to show off with your elite game skills as you can just click share on any game clip you create and choose twitter and write in a tweet with your controller to tell all the world about it.
  • My Stats has been added to the preview dashboard to help gamify it and you get points for ‘quests’, surveys and answering polls. There’ll even be a leaderboard for bragging rights and friend comparison.


If you’re wanting to keep up with the trends and whats hot, the Xbox One will help

  • Live TV Trending will show the top 20 TV shows, updated to the minute so you can know what everyone is watching if you are in Canada, US or UK.
  • Twitter TV Trending will tell you what shows people are talking about so you can know what show to watch to sound cool and hip.
  • Xbox TV Trending so you can know what your fellow XBoxers are watching so that you don’t accidentally tweet about a show that they’ll mock you for!
  • Tweet in Miniguide so that you can express your thoughts to a hashtag as quickly as your favourite character says them. Miniguide will also now show your recent and favourite TV Channels, conveniently for you to tweet about!

Store and other Improvements

  • Store pages have been cleaned up, moving navigation buttons to the left, game categories standardized, add-ons more easily found and search has been improved.
  • Smartglass store improvements include adding a new apps section for the Xbox one as well as a coming soon feature for Games and Apps.
  • Smartglass Updates will now show what your friends have been up to so you can feel like a junior NSA Agent.
  • Games with Gold and Deals with Gold will be able to browse Free Games with Gold via Smartglass on your mobile device.
  • Internet Explorer has gotten a couple of updates including Snap IE and featured sites will show when they have been updated.


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