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Xbox One Moves 100k Units in China at Launch

October 1, 2014 8:42 AM

By: Bryan Heraghty


The Xbox One's low sales in the eastern market might be looking up after shifting 100,000 units in China on Day 1, according to a figure by vice president of SMG, Da Zhong Zhang. In an online Chinese forum, Zhang talks on how he believes the potential for a Chinese gaming market could be in the billions in terms of value. "Xinmin Evening News " interview, said it expected within five years , China Games output will reach over 100 billion size, and 10 years, the entire industry will have a super- trillion potential."

It is unknown if these 100k units were sold or simply shipped (more likely shipped) but regardless the number is impressive considering both Xbox One's lackluster sales in Japan, as well as China's status as an emerging market. Until earlier this year, the Chinese government upheld a 14 year long ban on video game console sales. As a result, video game arcades are a booming business in the country of 1 billion people, but the success of these arcade businesses may begin to dwindle if the public begins to adopt console gaming.

China is beginning to move itself to the world stage and game development as a whole may begin to change as developers consider the massive potential audience, as well as the governments stern restrictions of depictions of violence.

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Author: Bryan Heraghty | Staff Writer
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