Xbox One Launch Event is Already Seeing a Crowd

11/21/2013 - 16:28 | By: JohnPaul Keith

Let the games begin!

Like the Playstation launch before it, Microsoft's Xbox One launch event is already drawing a crowd.

A picture tweeted by Major Nelson shows fans patiently waiting in line with their very own Xbox One blankets to help shield from the cold.

Xbox One Launch Event

According to Microsoft, the Best Buy Theatre (location of the launch day event) is the only place where consumers without pre-orders can still get their hands on launch day editions of the Xbox One. As if the new console wasn't thought to be valuable enough, Major Nelson stated that the Xbox Ones will be brought in with specially branded armored trucks.

The launch event takes place on November 21 at 11 P.M., and it will be broadcast live on Spike Tv.


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