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What's the most Achievement points you've ever earned in one day? Couple hundred? Maybe you rented Avatar: The Burning Earth to quickly nab that hilariously easy 1000? Whatever the case, it probably wasn't 40,000. That didn't stop Xbox gamer vSully from nabbing 40,000 in 24 hours.

In a Reddit post talking about it, vSully says the plan originally came about when he played Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity, a puzzle game that he said was "practically being given away". He admitted he didn't usually buy games he thought were bad for easy achievement points, but it did get him thinking about how many you could earn in a single day. So the process of planning began.

vSully said he spent a few weeks collecting the games he needed. He practiced earning the achievements on a secondary profile to learn the best way to earn them. He said that he started a few of the games from pre-saved areas, but most of the games were done by scratch. He also said he stopped about 15 minutes early because he had 40,000 points exact and he wanted to stop on a round number. He also notes that he had 2 TVs set up, one with an Xbox One and one with an Xbox 360, to allow faster switching between games.

So what games do you use to earn 40,000 points? Well using vSully's TrueAchievements profile we're able to find a list of all 568 achievements he earned on July 13th. So if you want your own 40,000 or higher point run, take some notes now, since I've taken a look through his achievement list and thought I'd pull some interesting data.

So what contributed to his score the most? There are two things that seem to be heavy hitters on vSully's list: old sports games and the Arcade Archive series. Older sports games tend to be common on lists like these since many often had very few achievements that were easy to get and worth obscene amounts of points. Backyard Sports: Backyard Football 10, College Hoops 2k6, NBA 2K6, and NHL 2k6 all contributed 1000 points each, despite there not being more than 25 achievements between all four games. Madden NFL 06 and Major League Baseball 2k6 also brought in over 800 points each. The Arcade Archive series made up 9 of the 44 games played, altogether adding 7,900 points between them. Since each game has very similar achievements, it's easy to see why they were picked. Interestingly enough, infamously easy achievement earner Avatar: The Burning Earth was not used.

Which one game contributed the most? Goat Simulator wins that award, with 1610 points being pulled from the Xbox One version of the game and another 1475 being earned from the Xbox 360 version. The game with the least? Rocket League only pulled in a dismal 225 points. The achievement worth the most comes from Brave: A Warrior's Tale, where vSully only got a single achievement (also makes it the game with the least achievements earned) worth 500 points. On the other hand, the achievement worth the least comes from Monochroma, where vSully got a 0 point achievement.

There's also one contentious spot on the list: vSully earned all 72 achievements from the PC version of Fallout 3. You can do this in less than 10 minutes simply by messing with the console commands. Since Fallout 3 was released under GFWL, these achievements do count towards your gamerscore. It's a really easy way to earn yourself a large chunk of achievement points with little effort.

One interesting note is that this may actually beat the Guinness World Record. In 2013 the world record for "Most Xbox 360 gamerpoints achieved in 24 hours" was set by Thomas Ash, who earned 14,419 in a single day. Of course, that may have to be updated to be "Most Xbox Gamerpoints", but that's another argument altogether. Unfortunately, vSully's attempt won't count as a Guinness World Record official wasn't there to watch, but it's still an interesting achievement.

If you ever considered starting your own easy achievement point run, Game Informer has a growing list of easy achievement games for you.

Do you find vSully's achievement impressive? Whats the most Gamerpoints you earned in a single day? Don't understand Achievements at all? Let us know in the comments!

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