Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Has Clarity Boost

Xbox Cloud Gaming now has Clarity Boost, which will make your games look better.

Published: November 30, 2021 9:50 AM /


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Xbox Cloud Gaming has partnered up with Microsoft Edge in order to improve the experience of gamers with Clarity Boost, which will remain exclusive to the Edge browser and will provide "the optimal look and feel while playing Xbox games from the cloud." How does it work? Well, it uses a bunch of "client-side scaling improvements to improve the visual quality of the video stream." Basically, all the hard work is done on your side so you can see a somewhat negligible benefit. 

Clarity Boost
Here's what the Clarity Boost improvement looks like compared to normal gameplay.

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been getting better and better in recent months. First it was tested on Android a year ago, then it launched in 22 countries via browser back in July, and then it launched through consoles just a few weeks ago. With the implementation of Clarity Boost, it's become abundantly clear that Microsoft has been working hard to ensure that they not only have the advantage in cloud gaming, but that they will keep that advantage.

How do I use Clarity Boost while gaming on the cloud?

First you need to download Microsoft Edge Canary, which is the most cutting-edge version of the browser. It's quite literally the version that Edge developers were working on the previous day, so outside of gaming on the cloud expect to see some stability issues.

Once that's done you need to confirm you're on Microsoft Edge Canary, which can be done by putting "edge://settings/help" in the Microsoft Edge address bar and checking to see if you're on version 96.0.1033.0 or later.

You're almost ready to game with Clarity Boost. Now you have to log in and start playing. Before you do that be sure to go to the (...) menu and select Enable Clarity Boost option. Once you do that it should be enabled and ready to go.

If you do this you may discover that there's increased battery consumption and decreased overall performance. If you don't think the tradeoff it's worth it, you should probably disable Clarity Boost by selecting the option again.

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