Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Will Merge Services For $14.99/month

Published: April 5, 2019 6:52 PM /


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Console gamers have the unfortunate burden of purchasing a program like Xbox Live to make use of many online features. On the upside, they also have access to stuff like the Xbox Game Pass which serves as a sort of Netflix for games. Reports have recently emerged that Microsoft is going to be combining the two services into one called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. What's more, this service will be relatively cheap, all things considered: it will run you just $14.99 a month.

The Verge reports that Twitter user @h0x0d first announced the program in a tweet:


With this initial step, The Verge looked into the matter more and believes that they have found a source that corroborates @h0x0d's claim. According to their sources, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service will debut sometime in May alongside the rumored disc-less Xbox One S. Brad Sams of The Sams Report has also stated that he has sources who told him about the new merged subscription service.

Sources have independently confirmed the existence of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the past to TechRaptor, albeit under another name. According to our sources, this service was originally supposed to debut at last year's E3 but ultimately fell through due to unspecified issues. One fact remains unclear about this service: we don't yet know if this is going to be a permanent merger of the two services or if it will simply be an option for players who are already subscribed to either Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold. In either case, gamers would save around five bucks a month as compared to the $19.98 they would have to pay now to make use of both services.


The launch of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service would certainly be a sensible move if Microsoft is indeed coming out with an all-digital Xbox One S console. That said, both of these rumors are simply that: rumors. Microsoft faced a hell of a PR disaster when they initially tried to launch the Xbox One as an always-online product and they're sure to be careful the second time around. Hopefully we'll find out the truth in a month or so!

What do you think of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription? Would you sign up for the service? Let us know in the comments below!

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