Xbox Game Pass October Lineup Revealed

Published: October 19, 2021 9:54 AM /


The Xbox Game Pass October lineup

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Game Pass October lineup. We're getting a big-name anime fighter, a chin-stroking philosophical adventure game, and a major new instalment in a long-running RTS franchise this month, plus lots more.

What games are included in the Xbox Game Pass October lineup?

As ever, a couple of October's Xbox Game Pass titles are available to play right now, while others will come later down the line. Here's everything new you'll be able to play for the rest of this month if you've got an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Into the Pit (PC, console, cloud; available today)

Into The Pit, one of the games included in the Xbox Game Pass October lineup

This retro-style first-person shooter casts you as a mystic who must rid a village of demons summoned by dark magic. You'll explore procedurally-generated environments, blasting demons and upgrading your powers to reach your maximum potential.

Outriders (PC; available today)

People Can Fly's looter-shooter has been available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles for a few months now, but it's making its PC debut on the service today. Explore an alien planet and takedown hostiles alongside up to 2 of your buddies. We thought this one was pretty fun.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (console and cloud; available October 21st)

Dragon Ball FighterZ, one of the Xbox Game Pass October games

Finally, a fighting game that really feels like it gets Dragon Ball right. Pit all of your favorite characters from the anime against one another in spectacular 2D battles courtesy of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue developer Arc System Works.

Echo Generation (PC, console, cloud; available October 21st)

From the developers of co-op dungeon crawler Riverbond comes this brand new turn-based RPG. A loud crash rocks a small, sleepy early-90s town, and it's up to you and your buddies to investigate it.

Everspace 2 (PC game preview; available October 21st)

Everspace 2, an Xbox Game Pass October game

Although Everspace 2 follows on from its predecessor, it presents an epic sci-fi story that you can experience without having played the first game. Explore space, loot planets, meet quirky party members, and uncover a narrative full of twists and turns.

Age of Empires IV (PC; available October 28th)

The long-awaited fourth installment in the venerated RTS franchise hits Xbox Game Pass on day one. It promises new iterations on classic Age of Empires gameplay, plus beautiful 4K visuals and several campaigns based on the lives of historical figures.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare (PC, console; available October 28th)

Alan Wake's American Nightmare, an Xbox Game Pass October game

Celebrate the recent release of Alan Wake Remastered by returning to this overlooked followup-slash-spinoff from 2012. Unlike Alan WakeAmerican Nightmare places an emphasis on action, with lots of enemies to take down and plenty of ammunition with which to do it.

Backbone (console; available October 28th)

If you love Blacksad, you'll want to check out Backbone, which even has some of the same letters in its name. It's a noir adventure starring down-and-out raccoon detective Howard Lotor, who accidentally stumbles upon a mystery that could change the world.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 (PC, console, cloud; available October 28th)

Bassmaster Fishing 2022, one of the Xbox Game Pass October games

Another day-one Xbox Game Pass launch, Bassmaster Fishing 2022 aims to offer exactly what you think it does: a definitive bass fishing experience. You can choose from several famous angling stars or create your own to truly rank alongside the greats.

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition (PC, console, cloud; available October 28th)

Nongunz' developers describe it as a "nihilistic action platformer roguelike" which is deliberately obscure and difficult to decipher. You must venture into a dungeon full of monstrosities and rendered in a distinctive sketchy art style.

The Forgotten City (PC, console, cloud; available October 28th)

The Forgotten City, an Xbox Game Pass October title

Last, but very definitely not least, we have Modern Storyteller's excellent philosophical adventure game The Forgotten City. Born from a Skyrim mod, this investigative title has you exploring an ancient Roman city to discover the reason behind the Golden Rule: if a single person commits a sin, everyone dies.

Which games are leaving Xbox Game Pass in October?

Unfortunately, even as all of these great games get added to Xbox Game Pass, some titles must leave to make room for them. There are seven games leaving the service this month, so make sure you play them before they exit for good on October 31st. Here's everything that's leaving Xbox Game Pass in October.

  • Carto (PC, console, cloud)
  • Celeste (PC, console, cloud)
  • Comanche (PC)
  • Eastshade (PC, console, cloud)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (PC, console, cloud)
  • Knights & Bikes (PC, console)
  • Unruly Heroes (PC, console, cloud)
Celeste, a game leaving Xbox Game Pass in October
Make sure to check out masocore platformer Celeste before it falls into a bottomless pit (and out of Xbox Game Pass) later this month.

Whew! Lots there to be getting on with. Be sure to install and check out any of the games above on your chosen platform if you want to experience them before they leave Xbox Game Pass. You can grab a subscription to Microsoft's gaming service for $9.99 a month on either PC or console. If you prefer, you can get an Ultimate sub, which includes both PC and console subscriptions and also offers Xbox Live Gold membership.

Which games in the Xbox Game Pass October lineup are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!


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