Xbox Feedback

Published: June 9, 2014 9:42 PM /


Xbox Feedback

Since the announcement of the Xbox One Microsoft has shows in all of the different changes to the platform that it has been listening. The changes of features gamers don't like, such as the Kinect and always online DRM, to new features that we have been asking for, like better party support, show this in spades. Now with the announcement and launch of Xbox Feedback at E3 it seems they want our voice even more than ever.

Users give feedback, positive and negative, all over the internet and Microsoft does what it can to consolidate all of this so that it can work for us. Xbox Feedback is a place that fans can go to suggest ideas directly to Microsoft so that there is one place where Xbox gamers can have a voice. Not only are ideas posted here but anyone with a Microsoft Account, what you use to log into Xbox, Onedrive or any other Microsoft website, can go to Xbox Feedback and vote on topics. This will allow the most wanted ideas to become more prominent and from there they may come true.

An interesting feature to add is that each user is limited to 1000 votes. Xbox Feedback says "To help improve the overall quality of ideas, users are given a limited number of votes. Once ideas you voted for are closed , your votes will be returned to you". This will make users think before they decide what they most want voted on so that the ideas that people want the most can be taken care of immediately.

These ideas also aren't just limited to the Xbox One, there are topic headers for Apps, Xbox 360, Home & Settings, Smart Glass and even Membership & Accounts. This means that any aspect of the Xbox Live experience could be changed and it can be. If you go to the website and a change you want isn't listed as an idea then you can add it yourself.

Do you like what Microsoft is trying to do? Do you not? Do you not even care? Let us know!


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