Xbox E3 2019 - Pen & Paper Game The Legend of Wright Announced

Published: June 9, 2019 5:36 PM /


the legend of wright xbox e3 2019

As well as showing off some much-anticipated titles at their E3 conference Microsoft also took the time to show off some more well-hidden secrets. The Legend of Wright is a pen & paper video game featuring both fully rendered 3D environments, as well as 3D animated sections taking place on actual in-game pen & paper. The graphics in the game are all constructed from real-world items, with the world map being constructed from paint and cardboard, and the rest of the world which frames the game being put together from objects you might find in a standard kids bedroom.

The main gameplay shown off for The Legend of Wright seems to feature RPG-like moments such as when the main character takes on a huge boss monster with menu-driven combat, as well as more adventure-like elements such as using your ability to draw things to help the main character solve his problems. The trailer also showed off scenes being performed using other household items, such as a flip book and paper puppets on sticks. In all, it seems like The Legend of Wright may be told through the framing device of a child acting out a story in some sort of disused classroom by the looks of the backgrounds.

The graphical style of the game is certainly impressive, with everything featured in the trailer alone hundreds, if not thousands, of hours would have been needed to actually construct them in the real world, not to mention a hell of a lot of paper, cardboard, and marker pens. The Legend of Wright will be coming to the Xbox via the Microsoft Store at some point during the spring of 2020, and you can find out more information by checking out the trailer down below.


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