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At their E3 press conference this year, Microsoft revealed the world premiere of their new Microsoft Flight Simulator title. This new entry comes to the longest running Microsoft franchise and one of the longest running PC game series to date.

The gameplay trailer, all in real-time 4K, showcased aerial shots of oceans, city skylines, mountains, canyons, pyramids, and such sights and landmarks from around the world. All the while, different manner of aircraft, from powerful airliners to smaller "prop" planes, flew and performed maneuvers. From within the cockpit, weather effects could be seen and radio communication could be heard. There were also complex flight controls and panels. All these elements together suggest an emphasis on realism that the series is known for and that may also keep your average gamer from enjoying the game.


microsoft flight simulator e3 2019 screenshot islands
Enjoy this shot of a couple planes flying over some islands, rendered in real-time 4K.


The simulated aspect of the series will certainly be kept intact as it is powered by satellite data and Microsoft's Azure AI. The implementation of the latter is especially interesting. It appears to be a service for business management and cloud computing. Like the series hitherto, this new entry looks like less a game and more a piece of software meant for training or, as the title suggests, simulation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will release next year for Windows 10 via Xbox Games Pass, respecting the series' roots with a PC-exclusive launch. It will then release for the Xbox One at a later date.

The original Microsoft Flight Simulator title released in 1982, and several titles have followed since. Sequels came in the 80s, through Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0, followed by many more in the 90s, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95. The most recent title, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, released in 2006.

Check out the trailer for this newest iteration below.

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