Xbox E3 2018: Dying Light 2 - Your Choices Matter

Dying Light 2 has finally been announced and your choices will apparently matter

Published: June 10, 2018 6:35 PM /


dying light 2 xbox e3

The Xbox E3 conference showcased Dying Light 2 with a new trailer that brings some of the gameplay to light and reminds players of what made the first title such a great run. The parkour elements look stellar, noticeably improved on the already excellent running and jumping of the original game. First-person melee combat with enemies who appeared like end-of-the-world knights and desert raiders looked seamless and smooth. The many special attacks available to the player and a wide selection of weapons and fighting style options make it easy to see why the developers tout the expansion of combat so much. The trailer ended with a visit from Chris Avellone, the former owner of Obsidian, who worked with Techland to ensure that choices in the game have lasting consequences.

As players advance through the latest Dying Light title, the factions they choose to help or hinder will transform the city around them. Working with peacekeepers ensures everyone has ready access to water, for example. Those same peacekeepers are ruthless enforcers of the law and pitiless in the way they maintain order. Siding against them means water becomes a tightly controlled commodity and attracts the "worst kinds of people" to the area. This type of mechanic may seem familiar to fans of games like Dishonored or Deus Ex, but Dying Light 2 looks to put its own twist on the butterfly-effect morality scale. Of course, the sequel still has the iconic day and night cycles, and Avellone hinted that your choices can make things much, much worse come nightfall... that alone is enough to bring many fans of Dying Light to the table, as the nighttime elements of the first game are a huge part of what made it so engaging.

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