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Michael De Plater took to the stage at Microsoft's E3 press conference to show off Monolith Productions' Shadow of War.

The game play started with Talion and Celebrimbor watching a battle between Flogg the Hatchet and Bruz the Chopper. Bruz completely destroys Flogg quickly smashing his head. Impressed, the duo decides to bring Bruz into their army.

Shadow of War Bruz the Chopper

As they make their way to the Warmonger Tank, we see Talion quickly taking down the smaller Orcs. At one point in the video, it appears that Celebrimbor counters an attacker seperate from Talion. When the duo eventually takes control of Bruz, we are greeted with a lot more character dialog than the previous game. It appears that each of the major Uruks, the elite of all the Orc breeds, will have their own characteristics with expanded voice acting.

In War, you will be able to strategically select your followers as you prepare for upcoming missions. In the demo, they take their new Orc commander from before, Bruz the Chopper, with them to conquer a fortress being run by one of Sauron's overlords. As you play, you have the choice to control or kill every character you come across.

Shadow of War will launch on October 10 with enhanced 4k Ultra HD and HDR support on the Xbox One X.

Here is the gameplay demo from Microsoft's conference today via IGN's YouTube channel.

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