Xbox E3 2017 - The Last Night Dazzles With Gorgeous Cyberpunk Trailer

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Odd Tales' Founder and Creative Director, Tim Soret, worked with his brother Adrian for six days in a game jam to finish a cyberpunk game called The Last Night. Both of them won the 2014 Cyberpunk Jam, and for the past three years, they've been silently realizing the game's full vision and potential, making it clear during Microsoft's E3 2017 conference that they mean business.

The Last Night has an unconventional 3D environment that's partially created with 2D pixelated assets as seen with the characters and some objects. However, they beautifully conflict with lifelike lighting, water, and physics. The trailer shows protagonist Charlie living in a "post-cyberpunk" world where he has been forced into the lower class due to an unknown incident during his childhood. Estranged in a world where meaning and purpose are defined by hedonism and materialism, he finds himself in a strange position to alter his circumstances and the status quo.

As an open world platformer with stealth-like gameplay, a deep cast of characters, and a branching dialogue, The Last Night should be on your radar after this exceptional debut.

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Was your mouth wide open after watching The Last Night? What do you think its story will be about, and what do you make of its "action and infiltration" gameplay? Go incognito in the comments section to tell us your thoughts.

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