Xbox E3 2016 - Scalebound Multiplayer Gameplay

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After a MASSIVE leadup introduction, Xbox showed off Scalebound at E3 2016.

Hideki Kamiya arrives to introduce a Giant Enemy Crab Boss Fight played Co-Op in the Xbox and PC exclusive dragon action game.

Gameplay begins with our protagonist on foot with a bow and arrow but when he realizes he's comically far away, it rapidly shifts to flying gameplay on a dragon. The Player lays into this Giant Crab with projectiles for a while before dropping back down to 3rd person on foot to pick at the weakpoint. Players seem to have the ability to quickly transition from flying on their dragon to third person action on foot by clicking both thumbsticks. Next we see the game's version of Rage of The Gods mode as the protagonist shifts to melee attacks with a sword to deal the final blow to the enemy.


As the crab re-emerges and the the player character tosses on his headphones to give us a sense of the game's music and give himself a tactical disadvantage because he can't hear. The final stage of the fight demonstrates the dragons' ability to factor into the fight by throwing the player onto a weak spot on the Crab's arm. The trailer ends as the players go insane on the Boss' weakpoint, ending on a smash cut to the Scalebound logo.

The game looks incredibly slick as you'd expect from a Platinum Games hack-and-slash, it's a sheer assault of colour, action and sound. The protagonist however could potentially wear on you depending on how cool you think Beats headphones are however.

Scalebound will release in winter of 2016 for Xbox One and Windows.

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