Four Xbox Games Blast Onto Boosteroid Cloud Gaming In Early June

Published: May 22, 2023 10:06 AM /


The Boosteroid and Xbox logos overlaid on a shot of Deathloop

Xbox has announced that four of its games are heading to the Boosteroid cloud gaming service next month. Deathloop and three other Xbox Studios games will be available via Boosteroid starting from June 1st, and Microsoft is promising that these four are just the beginning.

Just a few days ago, Xbox began adding some of its games to the Nvidia Geforce Now cloud gaming service, and those same four games will soon be available via Boosteroid. The four games are first-person immersive sim Deathloop, narrative adventure Pentiment, survival game Grounded, and chunky cover shooter Gears 5. That's not a bad haul for a first set.


According to the Xbox announcement post, you can play these games on Boosteroid if you're in the UK, the US, various countries across the European Union, or Ukraine. If you're a Boosteroid member, you can access games you've bought via Steam or Epic for now, and Microsoft Store purchases are coming soon as well.

Several characters expressing their dismay over a murder in Pentiment, one of the Xbox games headed to Boosteroid next month
Medieval murder mystery Pentiment is one of four Xbox games heading to Boosteroid cloud gaming in June.

This is just one of the cloud gaming partnerships Xbox has been striking recently. As well as the aforementioned Nvidia Geforce Now team-up, Microsoft also recently struck a deal with cloud gaming provider Nware, and others are planned for the future as well. It looks like cloud gaming will be a big part of Xbox's strategy going forward.

It's also likely Microsoft wants to show global authorities that it's not monopolizing the world of cloud gaming, and that it wants to make its games available on other services. Whether or not that placates the UK CMA, which recently blocked Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard over cloud gaming monopoly concerns, remains to be seen.


For now, though, you can play these four Xbox games on Boosteroid if you're subscribed and if you own those games already on either Steam or the Epic Games Store. Stay tuned for more news on all things Xbox and cloud gaming.

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