Xbox Creates Stream Friendly Experience for E3 2021 Restreamers

Published: June 11, 2021 12:25 PM /


A promotional art piece for the upcoming E3 Xbox and Bethesda show.

WIth E3 2021 around the corner, many streamers and content creators are likely to be co-streaming the big event to their own audiences. Just today, Xbox shared some tips to help these streamers keep their videos from being hit by DMCA strikes.

Many Twitch streamers and their fans know that Twitch has been in a constant battle with the music industry and DMCAs. Oftentimes it can feel impossible to determine what will get the DMCA bots after you and what is okay to play. In light of E3 2021 starting tomorrow, Xbox has published a blog post on their official website on how to watch the Xbox and Bethesda showcase. Along with the usual info such as when it starts and what platforms it can be seen on, they also provided some helpful tips for those looking to stream the event.


In that section, Xbox tells streamers and content creators that "we have acquired re-transmission rights to all licensed music featured in this Livestream broadcast." Getting these rights solidified should help prevent any extremely awkward moments during the show. However, they also point out that due to the tendency of music labels/publishers/bots to incorrectly throw claims out, it's a good idea for co-streamers to co-stream from the /twitchgaming channel. As for VODs, the music used in the show is licensed for 12+ months of use "for all online use worldwide," so VODs of the show should be deleted/delisted by June 1, 2022 to reduce the risk of DMCAs. For those doing post-show breakdowns, they also advise avoiding using audio of copyrighted music that may appear in the trailers. Finally, they also offer some free Xbox 2021-themed stream overlays and assets to pretty up your stream for the big show.

E3 2021 will start this Saturday on June 12th and end Tuesday on June 15. Xbox will be having their part of the show on Sunday, June 13th.



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