Console Edition of Planet Coaster is coming to Xbox in Summer 2020.

X019 Announces Console Edition of Planet Coaster Coming to Xbox

November 14, 2019

By: Alyssa Wejebe


London's X019 announced that Planet Coaster's getting a console version on Xbox next summer. Originally developed by Frontier Developments for Microsoft Windows, Planet Coaster is a sim game for construction and management in a theme park setting. The console edition will enjoy all the features of the original PC game, including the continuous developmental support it's had since debuting in 2016.

The X019 trailer for Planet Coaster: Console Edition showed shots of a colorful theme park, like an imaginative octopus-themed ride and dizzying roller coasters. With the addition of princesses, castles, and spinning teacups, it felt more like the chance to create your own Disneyland. 


According to a press release, the Planet Coaster universe uses advanced simulation and physics to give players control over how they want to create and manage their theme park, from hiring staff and constructing rides to establishing a chain of gift shops and restaurants.

Planet Coaster is getting a console edition.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition comes after Frontier Developments has made more theme park-like games with Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo.


Since its launch in 2016, Planet Coaster has inspired plenty of creativity among players. Vice reported on an architect who recreated real-life roller coasters in the sim game, PC Gamer highlighted an Alien-themed ride, and Kotaku showcased RudiRennkamel's Star Wars themed land years before Galaxy's Edge opened in the Disney parks.

The original PC version was well-received, earning an 8.25 from Game Informer, a 9 from GameSpot, and an 8.5 from TechRaptor. It also received several nominations at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards and the 13th British Academy Games Awards.


Planet Coaster: Console Edition won't be exclusive to Xbox One. It will also be available on the PS4.

Have you played Planet Coaster before on PC? Are you going to check out its console version? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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