Pocket Platoons

WWII mobile strategy game Pocket Platoons announced

August 11, 2015 5:36 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


En Masse Entertainment is known for publishing fantasy MMO TERA and recently released their first mobile game Fruit Attacks now their following up that fun little game with a more serious mobile title in Pocket Platoons. Pocket Platoons is a World War II strategy game boasting a deep story and over 300 campaign stages.The game will be available to download on iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire on Aug. 27.





In Pocket Platoons players can choose to align themselves with either the Axis or Allies factions in a WWII-themed strategy experience.  Gameplay consists of building a base, recruiting and strengthening an army and battling in both single-player and multiplayer. Pocket Platoons has a variety of game modes including many single-player skirmishes, PVP battles and epic 5v5 coalition combat.

“Pocket Platoons is a little game with a lot of heart. it has so much to offer with its amazing depth, wide range of units and variety of modes,” said Chris Lee, En Masse Entertainment CEO. “In this game, troop position really matters, which will appeal to players looking for a fantastic turn-based combat strategy. Core gamers will gravitate to this gem of a game for their mobile devices.”
In addition to over 300 campaign stages Pocket Platoons will have hundreds of progressions quests, dozens of tactical units and different combat modes for players to try out. Pocket Platoons aims to eliminate luck-based battle systems and pay-to-win microtransactions and instead reward player skill in it’s gameplay. This strategy game is for players with a deep understanding of battlefield positioning and combat tactics.

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Pocket Platoons is a turn-based combat strategy game with a World War II theme from publisher En Masse Entertainment. The game will be free to download on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore on Aug. 27. You can learn more about the soon-to-be released game here.

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