WWE 2K20 Rings in the New Year With a Y2K Bug

Published: January 1, 2020 2:07 PM /


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During New Year's Eve and New Year's celebrations, most people celebrate with a mix of parties and booze. For WWE 2K20, the glitchy black sheep of the annually-releasing wrestling game series. it's skipping the celebrations and is going straight to the crashing. If you're trying to play WWE 2K20 in 2K20 (more commonly referred to as 2020,) you'll find that most of the game modes will simply cause the game to crash.

Across all of its platforms players are reporting a bug reminiscent of the dreaded Y2K bug. Players on the WWE games' subreddit are sharing stories about how the game stopped working when their clocks struck midnight. 2K Games is currently aware of the bug, but there's no official word on when it'll be fixed. Fortunately, if you're using a non-Xbox platform, there's a workaround. According to Twitter user @TheShiningDown, if you set your console to a non-2020 date, you'll be able to stop the crashing. After that, you can set the date back and play online with the proper date.

WWE 2K20's problems can generally be linked back to a troubled development caused by a change in the development team. Yukes, the co-developer of the WWE series along with 2K Games, was switched out with the studio Visual Concepts. This switch happened only two months before the launch. As a series that releases a new title annually, such as with the FIFA games, this also meant that the deadline was non-negotiable. As a result, players were given a game with wonky AI, broken physics, and characters who had long hair that danced like it's possessed by Pazuzu. Many players have been getting refunds for what many would consider a broken product.

The damage caused by WWE 2K20's painful launch is certain to be felt in any future titles. But at least it managed to bring in the New Year with a bug that feels very iconic and distinctive.

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