WWE 2K16 Roster Weekly 57-78

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WWE 2K16 Edge and Macho Man

Sorry about the lateness again. We struggled to get that press footage online which was blocked on copyright grounds last week, but are still having some difficulties. Maybe next time! Meanwhile let’s delve into Roster Weekly, where we’ll reveal more names from the promised 120+ unique wrestlers.

Aiden English – One half of the NXT Tag Team Champions, Aiden English and his partner Simon Gotch have a phenomenal look, sporting handlebar moustaches with old-timey performing arts attire and calling themselves the Vaudevillians after 1800s variety entertainment. No doubt English’s partner is on this week’s roster announcement too.

Andre the Giant – At well over 7 feet tall and five hundred pounds, the Frenchman was the very first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame during its inception. His legacy cannot be overstated, contributing to the greatest story ever told – The Princess Bride. Oh and some other things I suppose, like Wrestlemania III.

Batista – The animal Batista’s career started out white hot early alongside Randy Orton, as the pair joined Triple H to form a group called Evolution, billed as the future of the WWE. They weren't wrong.

Chris Jericho – Jericho holds the opinion young WCW wrestlers like himself were held back despite having the best matches on the card, and many would agree. He jumped ship to the WWE and became a huge star within a couple of years, racking up a vast number of accolades.

Curtis Axel – A third generation wrestler and son of Mr Perfect. Despite the pedigree he’s had real trouble getting noticed and was reduced to a comedy Hulk Hogan impersonator. Don’t judge, we've all been there.

Dean Ambrose – Former member of The Shield, Ambrose is a little erratic but his ability and love for jeans cannot be denied.

Edge – Move aside Jackie Chan, the real king of ladders is in town. Edge participated in some of the more extreme matches the WWE ever hosted.

Erick Rowan – Member of everybody’s favorite cult, the Wyatt Family.

WWE 2K16 Wyatt Family

Fandango – Remember Fandangoing? That was a thing that allegedly happened. 

John “Bradshaw” Layfield – Bradshaw has been a color commentator for a few years now. During his wrestling days he might be most fondly remembered for his partnership with Faarooq. Together they formed a tag team for hire whose only goal was to drink and brawl.

Luke Harper – Another member of the Wyatt Family. Harper is the lightest of the group. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in beard.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage – The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey, ooooh yeah! Randy Savage was a perfectionist that could put on a good match with anyone, but his real talent was his incredibly natural interviews. A quick wit and intense energy led to fantastically entertaining performances. And that’s why he’s a Skyrim mod.

Natalya – While some Divas these past years were little more than dainty models that have no business inside a wrestling ring, Natalya is totally legitimate. She’s part of the respected Hart family and has the training and physique to bring that element of believability to wrestling.

WWE 2K16 Nattie

Ravishing Rick Rude – Rude had great psychology and the best body in the business. He deserves to be a Skyrim mod too.

R-Truth – No Skyrim mod for you.

Ryback – A powerhouse and returnee from WWE 2K15, Ryback definitely eats his vegetables.

Santino Marella – A comedy wrestler who speaks in broken English, Marella was pigeonholed pretty early on for playing his role perhaps too well, providing plenty of laughter over the years.

Sergeant Slaughter –We knew Slaughter was going to show up at some point since his cohorts Colonel Mustafa and General Adnan were announced last month.  

Simon Gotch – Called it. Gotch is the other member of the Vaudevillians.

Stephanie McMahon – Daughter of the boss and wife to Triple H, Stephanie has been involved in some of the biggest WWE factions and played up the character of a spoiled rich princess perfectly, eventually evolving into a cold as ice businesswoman. The real Steph is a great entertainer and shows a lot of support for the Divas.

The Rock – The most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

The Undertaker – Undertaker’s legacy spans 25 years of WWE history. He’s an integral part of the company, headlining hundreds of classic main event matches. Unlike The Rock he's quite literally electrifying, able to summon lightning bolts seemingly at will.

WWE 2K16 Undertaker

A nice mix-up of new blood and legends. Keep an eye out for next week’s Roster Weekly.

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